Your satisfaction is our expectation

Green Orchard, one of the leading online Comprehensive Merchant & Trader in Sri Lanka. As a customer-oriented organization, we have been dedicated in catering the finest quality products and services in terms of price ranges to meet the constant changing needs and wants of our valuable customers in a responsible and adequate manner. We, as an organization provide factual value for money of our customers by offering great shopping experience and offer a vast range of products in a unique place for our customer convenience. We always ensure in maintaining high quality and offer products at an affordable price range and have evolved as the boundary for customer’s choice of terminus. We have a proactive and energetic workforce with fresh blood who abides on focusing and prioritizing our customers and their satisfaction. Our workforce always ensures to deliver the best prompt & possible purchasing experience to our customer’s.

Green Orchard, being a prominent Merchant for the locals, evolved and expanded towards the Export and Import Industry Since 2016 and officially deployed on 2020 as an adaptable export Solutions Provider to Hotels and Resorts around the Planet. Currently being in the forefront in terms of leading the Sri Lankan export industry forward. And our revolutionary endeavor has gradually established Green Orchard as a Master of Exports Solutions Provider on quality products.

We supply on various Non-Food Products to Both Local & International Market of the Hotel Industry. We ensure that our clients’ and customers reap the finest value in terms of Quality and Affordability. Our portfolio of products has evolved beyond limitation of our reputed clients and customers to meet the demands of its perceptive consumers. with a result of it our expansion and segregation on supply categories have expanded which has strongly proven our progress towards the key to success.


To evolve as the frontier for customer’s choice of terminus, whilst being the leading export solutions provider on Nonfood products in the Hotel Industry.


To ensure the Customer’s reap the best benefit in terms of quality and affordability by strict adherence to service standards, ethical practices with an energetic team having a vision of consistent and considerate commitment to ensure the satisfaction of our customers are accomplished.


Being the fundamental belief of Green Orchard, which supports to determine if we are on the correct direction and assist to achieve our goals by creating a resolute guidance.

Always pledge accountability on our customer satisfaction with standard quality and cost-effective products.

A commitment ensured to adapt on customer enquiries which has positively resulted on expansion and diversification of our product categories.

Always ensuring that our team is collaborative with our valued customers to make things happen in a sustainable adequate manner.

We believe being a competitive export solution provider in the market for years which has strongly enabled us on diversification of our product portfolio to resorts and hotels both locally and globally.

Being dominant with the best as a solutions provider on supplies and support services.

Customer-Oriented by catering to the needs of our customers with a flexible and efficient approach by delivering an optimum service in terms of export supplies.

Providing our customers with and always the best quality products and service.

Providing and offering our customers services which is consistent, considerate, passionate, and professional.

Conducting customer enquiry operations in an adequate transparent manner where the customers are aware the performance and progress of the requirement, which implies communication and accountability.

A commitment to sustainability and to acting in an environmentally friendly way.


We, Green Orchard as an adaptable export solutions provider with quality and cost-effective products to the realm ensure that you will have a better perception into the mode of operations we do as a company, we as a company demand the finest operations in terms of quality and price whilst ensuring guaranteed customer satisfaction.

For the past decades we have focused on segregation and expansion of our supply varieties that address basic customer concerns. our corporation has achieved many successes without compromising on its management approach and strong stance in the past years. Despite, it should be noted that our performance since 2016 is a highlight. Our consistent achievement on efficient results throughout the year thanks to our active marketing operations and competitive pricing strategies. By continuing and expanding exportation to many customers around the realm.

We operate with the aim of creating a new lifestyle for our customers in the industry and we really mean it with the assistance of the friendly environment and our dedicated employees. We will continue to compete with determination, in an environment where global competition is more intense than ever. For us, human health, the environment, leaving a livable world for future generations have always been a concern which has taken us forward to lead a sustainable and an ecofriendly environment with healthy lifestyle to us and our customers.

We would like to thank our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders who have contributed to our Company, whose foundations were laid few years ago, to undertake many successful works in line with its vision to direct the sector it leads and create sustainable value for its stakeholders, despite difficult conditions.

- H. Lakshan Perera. General Manager, Green Orchard